AUDIO- Classroom Use

How would you use this stuff in a classroom other than for a bit of fun making a song? perhaps making the song about a topic you are learning and structuring the lyrics like poetry may tie it in to the curriculum but its not something you could do regularly. You could however edit specific tracks to signal pack up in 5 minutes etc but why do that when you can download them all done for you???

Blog – classroom use

I think blogging as a class would be a great way to keep parents involved in the classroom. It could be done by different students for each subject as even as an extension literacy activity for those who finish quickly. Keeping the parents in the loop is always a good thing, especially when they don’t have to physically come in to see what the kids are up to

EDMODO- Classroom use

I’m not really sure if i would personally use edmodo in the classroom. I can see its applications in that it would be exciting for the kids, its appears like facebook and is easy to use and you can set their homework using the assignment feature. Perhaps it would be good for older kids but i don’t think it would be all that useful for primary aged students


here are some more instagram pics after i have applied filters


spike - before instagram















spike - after instagram














study motivation - before instagram














study motivation - after instagram














cute notepad gift - before instagram














cute notepad gift - after instagram


So due to my swanky new iphone, i am blogging about instagram this week. Its an app that i love…. you apply filters to your photos and post them like you would facebook status updates. You follow your firends and see their life in pictures


Here are some before and after:


Lamp at Mr Hyde - before Instagram














Lamp at Mr Hyde - After Instagram














Sons of Korah - Sound check - before instagram











Sons of Korah - Sound check - after instagram